Today's Moments of Hope:  Bed for Kids Blessing! As of this moment, it's my privilege to announce to you great success on our fund-raising initiative over Christmas for Beds for Kids!  We had a $25,000 matching gift given to us and the WBT listeners, and others throughout the community have given almost $30,000 more to meet this need!  We now have raised $54,000 to help give homeless kids beds to sleep on throughout this year and for years to come.  Think about the residual effect!  Not only is there the simple need of better sleep occurring, but think about the kids waking up from a good night's sleep and the affect that will have on academic performance throughout the year.  Your gifts could very well have helped some kids' life-time dreams come true!

It also goes to show that everyone doing a little bit moves big mountains.  For all of you who gave great or small gifts, God bless you! Thank you!  All of us together accomplished a great thing in the Charlotte community!  Again, congratulations and thank you!