Mark 1:8 gives us an insight into the humility of John the Baptist.  He makes the statement that he is unworthy to untie Jesus' sandals.  Think about this.  This comes from the lips of a man Jesus said, in Matthew 11:11, to be the greatest man ever born of a woman.  Can you imagine?  How would you like for Jesus to say you're the greatest person ever born of a woman? Yet amidst this kind of accolade from the King of kins and Lord of lords, John says he's not worthy to untie Jesus' sandals.  In John 3:30, before baptizing Jesus, John says, "He must increase.  I must decrease."  What was the reason for his greatness?  Humility.  He knew his life was all about Jesus.

What is humility?  It believes God is God and I'm not God.  It realizes that the world doesn't revolve around me.  It's all about God.  Everything I have is a gift from God--everything!!

Do you want to be great in the sight of God?  Choose humility.  James 4:10: "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he will lift you up."  If we don't choose humility, God will choose to humble us.  But when we choose to be humble, he WILL lift us up.  He will make us great.

That's what John realized.  That's why he was great in Jesus' eyes.

Would Jesus say the same about you?