We are focusing today on two verses, Mark 1:19,20.  After Jesus' call to Peter, he goes a bit further and calls two other fishermen, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, to "follow him."  He is calling them to be his disciples/learners.  He is asking them to give up everything and do as he does, live as he lives.  And they "immediately" follow him.  A couple of thoughts: 1. Surely they knew of him before this moment.  I would imagine Jesus was already a well-known Rabbi/Teacher.  To receive his call to follow him must have been an honor.  That's why they "immediately" followed.  They may well have hoped this moment would have happened.  Perhaps they already had made up their mind before Jesus even called them to follow him.

2. They were successful small businessmen!  The idea that all of Jesus' followers were poor is false.  We see in these verses that they had hired hands who worked with them and their father.  Some have suggested that Peter too was a part of their business and their fishing business extended to Jerusalem.  That's how Peter was allow access to the courtyard of the high priest after Jesus' arrest.  Some suggest Peter was known by the people at the gate because he'd come to Jerusalem on many occasions to do business!  If this is true, it makes all three's immediate "following" of Jesus more powerful.  They left family, friends and a relatively lucrative business to follow Jesus.  Would we have done the same?

3. Finally, Peter, James and John formed Jesus "inner circle."  All three were not only the first chosen, but they became Jesus' closest friends.  The Son of God, God in human flesh, needed close friends to face life's trials and difficulties.  So do we.  We were meant to be in relationship with one another, to be in friendship with one another, for those days when life makes no sense.  When Jesus said to his disciples (and us), "The pupil is not greater than the Master," I think he was including the fact that as he needed close friends in life, so will we.  I hope and pray you too have a few close friends with whom you can live, share and care in life.  Jesus needed it.  So do we.

May your life be filled with his grace and love today and forever.