My Dad taught me this very important truth to help me in my marriage.  He once said, "Son, don't be afraid of conflict.  It can very well be the path to intimacy." Now, I do understand that severe conflict over a long period of time can erode love and affection.  However, if you are willing to try and talk things through, get at the reason for the conflict, forgive each other, and then try to eliminate the source of the conflict, you won't have future fights in this area!  It's like removing a huge rock in the middle of the path that is keeping you from moving forward.  You'll be able not only to move forward but you'll be able to move TOWARD one another in greater intimacy in marriage.

The older I get the smarter I know my Dad was.  "Conflict can very well be the path to intimacy."  I guess he should know.  He was married for 63 years!