Have you figured out that your marriage partner is totally different than you are?  Men and women are totally different people called to live under the same roof "till death do us part!" They are different because of a different gene pool that makes them who they are.  Their physiology makes them totally different.  They come from different families that make them who they are.  Their life experiences influence their differences.  They have different interests, likes and dislikes.

Why did God make marriage to be shared between two people who are so very different? I don't completely know the mind if the Almighty, but I do have this guess: the purpose of marriage is primarily to learn servanthood.  In fact, one of my teachers once said, "The primary purpose of marriage is to teach servanthood.  It's the graduate school of learning servanthood!"

I think he's right.  Therefore, the more we learn to serve our spouse the more we're learning the right perspective in marriage.  How about this? Think of a way you can serve your spouse this evening.

I bet it'll make your marriage stronger!