The verse for today is Mark 1:24.  As Jesus is teaching in the synagogue, with authority, a demon cries out to him, "What have you to with us, Jesus of Nazareth?  Have you come to destroy us?  I know who you are--the Holy One of God."  Several truths hit me as I meditate on this verse: 1. Demons hate the authority of Jesus.  As he taught with authority, they know he has absolute authority over them.  He was Lord over all the angels, good and fallen, from the moment of their creation.  They saw him in heaven on his throne, ruling over them.  In their rebellion against him, they still knew his authority over them.

2. They knew his name, Jesus of Nazareth.  They knew the Father had given that name to him in eternity as Savior of the world.

3. "Have you come to destroy us?"  The answer is "Yes."  That's one of the major reasons Jesus came, to destroy the works of the devil.  Surely they knew hell was created by the Father for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:31).  They knew their time was short under the authority of Jesus of Nazareth.

4. They knew who Jesus was, the Holy One of God.  This is key: they knew who Jesus was but they didn't know him as Lord and Savior.  There is a huge difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing him personally.  Even the demons believe who Jesus is, the Holy One of God, the Lord of the universe.  But they don't know him with a saving faith, personally, intimately, as Lord and King of their lives, as Master of all the universe.  One is simple head knowledge.  The other is what grants you entrance into eternity.  Make sure today you don't just acknowledge Jesus as Lord.  Even the demons do that.  Make sure you know him as Lord and Savior.

The demonic world is real.  They come to kill, steal and destroy our lives.  But Jesus is Lord over them all.  Draw near to him every second today and the demons will tremble with fear.  They know their doom is sure.  They know the One who has made this doom sure.  They seldom come near the ones who are closely intimate with Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of God.