My Dad once told me something that I didn't understand much when he told me then but totally understand and appreciate now.  In fact, I've repeated it to my kids over an over again. Here's what he said:  "Friends are like elevators.  They'll either take up or they'll take you down."  When I was a teen, I really didn't understand what he meant.  Actually, I didn't pay much attention at all to his teaching.  But now having been in a helping profession for more than three decades, and having three children of my own.  I not only believe it; I've not only seen its truth; I teach it regularly to my kids.

Some call it peer pressure.  A truth by any name is still truth.  Our friends largely determine where we go in life.  They can lift us up or tear us down.  Therefore, let's all choose our friends wisely!  I can't speak for you but I'd much rather be going up than down in life!