Mark 1:25,26 are our two verses to look at today.  Jesus confronts an evil spirit in a man while he is teaching.  The spirit speaks to Jesus.  Jesus demands silence from the demon.  Then he demands he come out of the man.  The unclean spirit convulses the man, cries out and then leaves the man. Whenever we Christians contemplate the demonic world, we must never be afraid.  We must never fear them.  They are all creatures.  Jesus is our creator!  Jesus has total, absolute authority over all of them.  They must obey him.  They must do whatever he tells them to do.  They may convulse and cry out before they leave.  But leave they must.

Jesus alone is Lord.  All authority on heaven and earth has been granted to him.  We need never fear a demon.  Should all the forces of hell come against us, if Jesus lives in us, one little word will slay him.  That word is "Jesus."

"He who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world" (I John 4:4).