Mark 1:32,33 are the two verses upon which we are meditating today.  It's now the evening of the Sabbath, probably around 6 p.m. on Saturday.  The day of rest is complete.  People start moving around throughout the city.  Jesus' fame had spread.  He was staying at Simon Peter's home.  People start to show up at his door, wanting Jesus to give them relief from physical illness and demonic oppression. Please note here that not all illness is caused by demonic oppression and not all demonic oppression causes illness.  Most illness is the result of living in a fallen world that does not operate as God intended.  The Fall of Genesis 3 began an infection of our world with sin which produces sickness and disease.  But the evil one and his demonic hordes also look for ways to enter, control and oppress people.  Both demons and illness cause people great pain.

It's this pain that Jesus observed in Simon Peter's home as practically the entire city amassed at the door to the house.  Tomorrow we will see how Jesus healed many of these people.

Today, however, simply focus on the compassion of Christ.  The Great Commission, to take the Gospel to all the nations, was mandated by Jesus before his Ascension.  Alongside this Great Commission is the Great Compassion.  Preaching the Gospel AND healing the sick, caring for the needs of people, is also the command of Christ.

If you have the opportunity today, alleviate the suffering of just one person.  Perhaps it's a financial donation to a ministry of compassion.  Perhaps it's a phone call to a lonely person who is hurting.  Perhaps it's a hospital visit to someone who is sick.  Perhaps it's simply you praying some today for a great need you know that exists in the world.

Whatever it may be, follow the example of the compassion of Christ.  It too is a necessary part of "laying down our nets and following him," as Peter, James, John and Andrew had already done at this point in our narrative.