Our focused meditation today is Mark 1:34a (the "a" simply means the first half of the verse).  It reads: "And he (Jesus) healed man who were sick with various diseases, and cast our many demons." In Genesis 1,2 God created the world perfectly.  In Genesis 3 the evil one successfully tempted Eve, then Adam, to rebel, inviting sin into God's once perfect world.  Two of the negative results of the Fall, as it's called, is disease and demonic oppression.  Before the Fall, neither of these existed.  Disease (leading to death) and demonic oppression are two evil intrusions into God's once prefect creation.

When Jesus came, he began the work of restoring God's kingdom here on earth.  More specifically, he began the restoration of Genesis 1 and 2.  This work is evidenced in several different ways, most notably in Mark 1:34a in his healing ministry of "various diseases" and casting out demons from people's lives.  It proves his authority over every area of sin and death.

He began this work with his Incarnation, the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension.  In his Second Coming, he will complete it.  He gave evidence in his first coming to his power and authority over all that has happened in the Fall.  It will be completed one day in his return: all sin, disease, demonic oppression and death eliminated.  We await excitedly for that day.

Until then, with Jesus having been invited into our hearts, we work in every possible way to reestablish Genesis 1 and 2: caring for he environment, loving people as Jesus loved them, caring for the poor, the diseased.  We give hope especially to those near death, sharing the Gospel of grace, our guarantee of eternal life.  Indeed, we share the Gospel of grace to all, knowing our only hope is found eternally in Christ.

Christian hope comes from knowing that God will complete the work of completely restoring Genesis 1 and 2.  We know one day it will happen.

That is our eternal hope.