Mark 1:36,37 are today's verses.  In verse 35, early in the morning, Jesus withdrew to a private place to pray. Simon and some others (Andrew, James and John?), searched for him and finally found him.  Perhaps the place where they found him was a place to where he'd retreated before. When they found him, they told him everyone was looking for him.  The sick, lame, demon-possessed were all seeking him to be delivered and healed.  In the next verses we'll examine tomorrow we'll see Jesus recommencing his public ministry.

Jesus knew the throngs and masses wanted his healing power.  However, what he also knew was that with each healing or demonic exorcism his power was depleted.  There was an "empty" on his spiritual gauge. He knew he could not do ministry without these prolonged moments of prayer, especially in the morning.  He knew this truth: if you don't come apart, you'll come apart.  He knew his heart, soul and spirit needed to be refueled every day in prayer.

If it's true for Jesus, it's especially true for us.  We cannot keep giving our lives away to others and not expect eventual depletion.  We all need time apart from the busyness of our schedules to be renewed and refreshed.  We need time alone with God to be filled anew with his love, grace, mercy and kindness.  We need time away when we can think, pray and give thanks to God for all he's done for us.

The weekly Sabbath is God's reminder to do this.  Jesus example of often withdrawing to pray is another.

It's a truth we all need to know: if we don't come apart we'll come apart.