We are focusing on two verses today, Mark 1:43,44:  They read: "And Jesus' sternly charged him and sent him away at once,and said to him, 'See that you say nothing to anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer for you cleansing what Moses commanded, for proof to them." Two things are happening in the these verses.  First, after Jesus healed the man of his leprosy, he "sternly" commanded him to say nothing to anyone.  Why?  This is what is commonly called "the Messianic secret" by some scholars.  Jesus had an appointed time to go the Cross.  It was unalterable.  He knew that if people bragged about his different healings, it would force the hand of the authorities against him before his own chosen time.  That is why he demanded silence from this healed man.

For us, personally, we need to remember that there are certain things in our lives God has a set time, an appointed season, for it to occur.  It is unalterable.  It is in the mind of God for us. Therefore, we need to trust him as we wait for his perfect, appointed time.

Second, the man is told to go show himself to the priest to prove he is well.  This is in fulfillment of Leviticus 14:2-31, where Moses commanded this to happen.  First, notice Jesus' commitment to the Old Testament Scripture.  Even he, as the sovereign Son of God, was under its authority.  If Jesus is God, and that was his claim, shouldn't we also be under the authority of the Scripture?

Second, and this is a beautiful insight into the character of Jesus, he sent the man to the priest so he could be declared healed by the religious authorities SO THAT he could be socially rehabilitated.  Jesus wanted him to be reinstated into the community in which he lived.  Leprosy was a disease that isolated people.  They weren't supposed to have contact with any other person because of how contagious the disease was.  Jesus did not want him to live in isolation for the rest of his life.

What do we see here?  We see Jesus' compassion about the man's physical body.  So he healed him of his leprosy.  We also see Jesus' compassion about the man's social life.  He wanted him to be reinstated into his community.  He wanted him to have friendships.  He knew that this man needed to have all areas of his life restored.  Jesus had touched his spiritual, physical and social life.  He is concerned in compassion about them all!  We are saved by grace through faith alone but God never intended our faith to be lived out alone.

Rest assured today that the Lord Jesus cares in compassion about every area of your life.  Trust him.  Obey him.  Find a community of faith in which you can live out your faith.

And see your life changed, all for HIS glory!