When in your life have you had a great victory?  Remember a time when something seemed impossible and you had no hope.  Then something amazing happened…a door opened…a job opportunity came…you were miraculously healed…you met that special person in the most amazing circumstance…a check arrived miraculously in the mail, the exact amount you needed to pay those bills. Do you have a story like this?  Most of us do.  If so, here's what I'd like you to do.  Make a trophy, a remembrance, a symbol to remind you of this victory.  It may be a photo…or a painting…or an actual trophy!  It doesn't really matter what it is.  But it's something you recognize that will always remind you that miracles still do happen.

Then, when you have to go through something similar, go look at this symbol.  Stare at it…for a long time!  Remember the deliverance from the past.  Now feel hope surge inside your heart.  For this is very, very true: if you were delivered once, you can be delivered again.  If you succeeded once, you can succeed again…and again…and again.