Today's verses are Mark 3:9,10.  Great crowds are following Jesus everywhere.  These verses read, "And he told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, lest they crush him, for he had healed many, so that all who had diseases pressed around him to touch him." As more healings occurred, and more exorcisms of demons happened, Jesus' popularity increased.  People clamored to be near him, believing that if they even touched him, they'd be well.

I'm struck in these verses with this phrase: "And he instructed his disciples to have a boat ready for him."  He did this for two reasons, I think.  First, his primary goal was not to heal people or exorcise demons.  His primary purpose was preaching about the kingdom of God.  The healings and exorcisms merely gave evidence that his kingdom teachings were true.  Therefore, the Lord of the universe knew that he could teach to many better from a boat, using water from which sound would better amplify to his listeners.

Second, I think, Jesus simply wanted the boat to be available to be able to push out into water so the throngs wouldn't crush him.  He was planning ahead for personal safety!

With both reasons, it's obvious Jesus planned ahead.  He knew the crowds were coming.  He knew the need to teach.  He knew the danger of the masses.  So he planned with his disciples to have a boat ready.

Sometimes we are so spiritually minded we're no earthly good.  Sometimes we think that if we just pray God will take care of the rest.  But here we see Jesus planning ahead.  He is teaching us that both prayer and planning are important in life and ministry.  In the words of that old Revolutionary War slogan, "Trust God but keep the gun powder dry."  Someone else once said, "I work like it all depends on me and I pray like it all depends on God."  Or: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

My favorite phrase is, "I do my best and give God the rest."

As you approach your day, pray for God's guidance.  Trust in his goodness and care.  Believe in his perfect plan for your life.  Ask him to lead you to someone or somewhere you can ably serve him.  But do all this while also planning your day, making sure it's organized, looking ahead as best you can so that you won't be surprised when challenges arise.  Challenges will most certainly arise.  Therefore, plan as best as possible to be ready for them.

God gave us a brain.  While we pray and trust, use it too...for God's glory!