Mark 3:11,12 are our verses today.  They read: "And whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, 'You are the Son of God.'  And he strictly ordered them not to make him known." Believing in Jesus is not enough.  Even the evil spirits of the unseen world "believe" in Jesus.  They know he is God's only Son.  They knew, as these verses show us, that Jesus is the creator of the universe, the Lord of all, the one who has all authority in heaven and on earth.  Before their fall from heaven, they most assuredly had worshiped and glorified him!  In heaven, before their fall, they had bowed before him as God.

Note in these verses that when these evil spirits "fell down" before him.  The feigned true worship.  They bowed only because they knew they have to, not because they want to!  They knew he had authority over their rebellious lives.  But there was one essential component missing.

Why is believing in Jesus not enough?  Because to believe without the desire to obey is mere intellectual assent.  The difference between the angels and the evil spirits is the angels believe Jesus is Lord of all, they worship him regularly AND they will obey whatever he tells them to do.  Conversely, the evil spirits of the universe have absolutely no intention of obeying Jesus.  They believe in him.  They know he is the Son of God.  They even fall down before him.

But their hearts are hardened.  Their spirits are like rocks.  They only want to do the will of their father, the father of all lies, the evil one, Satan himself. They will never obey Jesus.

What about you?  Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?  If so, is this belief translated into a deep desire to worship him AND obey all that he has commanded you to do?  Belief and even worship without a passion for obedience is not true faith.

Finally, Jesus commanded them not to give away his identity.  The evil spirits were quite willing to do so, trying to force the Cross before the Father's perfect timing.  Jesus commanded silence and they had to obey.  The Cross was in God's perfect timing.  That too needed to be obeyed.

Believe.  Worship.  Obey.  These are three key imperatives in being a follower of Jesus.  If any one is not there, can you really call yourself a follower of Jesus?

I doubt it.