Here is an absolute certainty in life.  Difficult times will come into your life.  To be human means you will have "rocks," hard things, enter into your life.  The question is, "How will I deal with them WHEN they come?" As best I can tell, there are three options: You can kick them.  You can become angry, despise them, rail against them.  You can complain, "Why did this have to happen to me?  Why am I having to go thru this?"

You can throw them, mostly at others.  You can blame others for why this has happened to you.   Then you can become discouraged and depressed.  "It's everyone else's fault I'm like this," you can say to yourself.

You can arrange them, into an orderly state and build a monument to it.  You can learn from the experience, be trained by it and grow thru the struggle.  You can say, "This is like my muscles, they only become stronger when stretched and I'm lifting something."

What's your "rock", your hard thing, today?  Name it, specifically!  What are you doing with it?  Kicking it?  Throwing it?  Or building a new life with it?

Stop carrying the rock around.  It's too heavy and will wear you out.  Build a big memorial with it, learning from it.  Then help someone else build their memorial with their rock. That's when your load will really become light, giving hope to someone else!