A former police officer tells of this tactic by robbers:  They enter the store as a group.  One or two separate themselves from the group, and the others start a loud commotion in another section of the store.  This grabs the attention of the clerks and customers.  As all eyes are turned to the disturbance, the accomplice fill their pockets with merchandise and cash, leaving before anyone suspects anything. Hours—sometimes even days—later, the victimized merchant realizes things are missing and calls the police.  By then, it's too late!

This effective strategy robs us of much joy in our lives.  We pay attention to distractions that keep us off what's most important in our lives.  Before we notice it, we've been robbed of much peace and joy we're supposed to have in life.

Someone once said, "The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing."  Keep focused on faith, family and friends.  All else is really a distraction in life!

Now go and have some joy, peace and hope!