Every single one of us has mountains in our lives.  Some are steeper than others.  Some have more cracks and crevices than others.  But we all have them, every person who ever lives.  Mountains are inevitable. Which begs the question: Why are there mountains in our lives?  Why must we all have them?  How are they used?  Here are some of my answers I've thought thru in facing mountains:

If all mountains are smooth, no one would climb them!  There's something in the adventure itself in climbing mountains that is worth our while.

We can never enjoy new, exhilarating, captivating, panoramic views unless we climb mountains.

Climbing the mountain makes me physically, spiritually and emotionally stronger.  Without the pain, there is no gain.

Mountains teach me much about myself: that I'm stronger than I thought I was, more able than I imagined.

Why mountains?  They are used to give me new insights and experiences in life like I never imagined!  Therefore, I need to quit complaining and start climbing!