If you've lived any number of years on this earth, you've most likely been rejected. Therefore, when (not if) it happens, here are some things to remember about rejection: Rejection is God's protection.  You are probably being guarded from something very evil. Therefore, thank God for the rejection!

Rejection is wrong direction.  It's a way to put you on the right path in life.  Therefore, it's something to be celebrated.

Rejection is just perception.  The person who rejected me doesn't really know me.  It's just a perception they had of me.

Rejection is no more dejection.  That chapter in my life has been written.  It's time to write a new one.  It's time to move on.

Rejection is not the end of my life.  Indeed, if I really trust God, it's a new opportunity in life for me!  There's something and someone even better in life waiting for me.