Everyone wants to know the keys to happiness.  As I've walked through life and counseled countless numbers of people, here are five keys I've seen and discovered in people who are genuinely happy. Don't hate.  We were not created to have hate in our hearts but love.  Flush out hate at all costs.

Don't worry.  90% of all we worry about never happens.  It's a life-draining emotion.  Have faith in God.  Stop worrying!

Give more.  We were created to be generous, not stingy.  It's by no mistake that "miser" and "miserable" comes from the same etymological source.

Expect less.  So much depression in life is caused by unmet expectations.  If you expect less, you'll always be pleasantly surprised when blessings come.

Live simply.  It's true: often, you don't own your possessions but your possessions own you.  The more simply you live, the happier you'll be.

Five simple rules for happiness.  I hope they help your life as they have mine.