How do you know you have a true friend?  A lot of us have many relationships.  But how do we know we really have a true friend? Here's one clue: if someone is present in your worst times, they'll always be present in your best times.  When you're going through your absolute worst times, is this person there beside you?  Is there ever any question in your heart that you could call him and he'd be right there for you?

Someone once said that the way you know you have a best friend is you know you could call him in the middle of the night to bury a body! I'm NOT suggesting you EVER bury a body in the middle of the night.  But I hope you get my point.  A true friend is there whenever you need him no matter what the circumstance.

And if he's there in your worst possible circumstance, you know he'll be there in your best possible circumstance.

Bottom line: a true friend is always there for you!

I hope you have lots of them.  They are indeed a source of hope.