I want to speak for a moment to all those who have been physically abused by a significant person in your life.  It could be a relative.  Or a spiritual leader.  Or your spouse. If this has happened to you, I am so very sorry that it has.  I hurt with you.  I know the pain of being violated is extraordinary. But please hear this from me today: though your body has been violated, your soul has not been.  Who you really are, deep inside, the person God created you to be, has NOT been touched.  Your abuser may have hurt your body but he/she has not hurt who you really are.

Please believe this today.  Too many victims of abuse today think they caused the abuse. They must have done something to invite it.  It's a lie.  It's not true.  You are a victim.  The abuse was uninvited.  Believe it!

Also, deep inside, move forward in life.  Know that who you really are, deep inside, can never be touched by another human being.  Who you really are is defined in heaven, by your creator, for all eternity.  You are a beloved child of God, created in his image.

Remember: no flesh and blood person can ever take that away from you!