Have you ever thought about what you'd like for your last words to be?  I know that when my Dad was in his last weeks on earth, I paid special attention to what he had to say.  I knew his last words were probably his most important words.  I knew they were his most important thoughts and beliefs passed on to me. If this is true, let's all do a simple exercise today.  Not trying to be morbid, but let's all try to think what we'd want our last words to be.  What are our most important thoughts, beliefs, commitments we hold dearest in our hearts?  If we knew we only had a few weeks to live, what words would we speak to our closest friends and family members?

Do you know what that would be?  If so, here's my suggestion: don't wait!  Speak them today…and tomorrow…and over and over again.  Especially if these words are words of love and admiration.

Why wait till death?  Give away your heart's beliefs today…before it's too late.