This is an important lesson for all of us to learn: Always, always, forgive people who hurt you.  Always forgive your enemies. Why?  It's for your benefit, not theirs.  It's for your benefit.  Keeping bitterness in your heart is like dragging around a dead body all day long.  Eventually, you're the one who become exhausted.  You are the one who continually feels the pain of the one who hurt you.  They hurt you once.  Now they are hurting you over and over again.

But remember this too: Yes, always forgive you enemies.  It's for your benefit.  But that doesn't mean you forget their names.  Just because you've forgiven them does not mean you allow them to hurt you again…and again!

It's quite ok to remember what they did to you and not allowing them ever to do it again. Forgive them?  Yes.  Forget their names?  No.  You don't need to put yourself through that pain again.