Today's verses are Mark 5:42,43: "And immediately the girl got up and began walking (for she was twelve years of age), and they were immediately overcome with amazement.  And he strictly charged them that no one should know this, and told them to give her something to eat." Jesus is in the home of Jairus,  His daughter is dead.  From Jesus' standpoint though, she is only "sleeping."  From God's perspective, we are never dead, only "sleeping," waiting for our new, resurrection life in Christ to come.  Jesus' inner circle, Peter, Jame and John are with him.  He says to the girl, "Talitha cumi," which in Aramaic, the common language of Jesus' day, means, "Little girl, arise!"

She immediately awakens and arises.  Everyone is amazed.  This doesn't necessarily mean they believed.  Probably some did.  But all were astounded at Jesus' power.  Jesus clearly instructs all the keep this event quiet.  His time had not yet arrived.  He did not want the people exalting him too much, thus forcing the authorities to take action against him before his time.

Then Jesus instructed them to give the 12 year old some food.  (I'm fascinated that Mark gives the exact age of the girl, another detail that gives credence to this being an eyewitness account). Jesus cares for our most intimate, specific needs, the girl's being food!

What strikes me most in this passage though is not found in this passage.  It's found in Acts 9, as the disciples are preaching the Gospel outside Jerusalem.  More specifically, Peter is in Joppa.  A lady by the name of Tabitha fell ill and died.  Peter is asked to go to her and help (vs 39).  As we read further, notice the next steps Peter took.  First, Peter puts all the mourners outside (vs 40), just as Jesus did with Jairus' daughter.  Then he goes to Tabitha's body and utters these words, "Tabitha, cumi."  And she opened her eyes and sat up.

There is a striking parallel between what Jesus did with Jairus' daughter and what Peter did with Tabitha.  It's especially striking to note what Jesus and Peter said to the dead person in their midst.  Jesus: "Talitha cumi."  Peter: "Tabitha cumi."  Peter did exactly as Jesus did.  From the removing of all the mourners to what he said, Peter copied Jesus!

Jesus is certainly much more than our example.  He is our life.  As Paul proclaimed, "In him we live and move and have our being."  Jesus' spiritual life, when born again, pulsates through our veins.  We live in his strength.  We are consumed by his power.

However, when faced with a dilemma, when confronted with a problem, it is a good question to ask, "What would Jesus do?  How would he have me live?"  Following Jesus' example, copying Jesus, is not a bad alternative.  Most likely, if you ask this question and then do what you're convinced Jesus would do, you will behave in a way pleasing to the one we call Lord and Savior.

Copying Jesus.  Try it today.  See if it doesn't lead you to faithful discipleship.