Yesterday, in Psalm 3, we see that David is being ousted from his throne in Jerusalem by his son Absalom! Can you imagine? The drama! His son, the successor to his throne, betrays him by assembling all the powerful people in Jerusalem, enticing them to overthrow his father and follow him to the throne. After David flees Jerusalem, he overlooks the Holy City being invaded by Absalom's army and recites this Psalm about his predicament.

David's response? " But you, Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head." And after he declared his dependance on God, he laid down to sleep - sleeping soundly until he awoke to find that the Lord had sustained him.

Aren't we suppose to give it all to God? We're suppose to give it to Him, put down our heads and find that we're ready to face a new day!

After all, isn't that how Jesus was able to sleep in the middle of a huge storm?

AuthorCasey Shannon