Today's verse is Mark 6:1: "He (Jesus) went away from there and came to his hometown, and his disciples followed him." We don't know the reason Jesus chose to go home, to Nazareth.  Perhaps it was simply to see his family, his Mom, his brothers and sisters.  There is always something special about going home.  Any loving son would desire to spend time with his Mom, especially.  His Mom and family were already worried about him.  They saw the storm crowds brewing on the horizon with the religious leaders. They wanted Jesus to come home and stay home.

As Jesus went to his hometown, the text tells us that "his disciples followed him."  The term "disciple" means a "learner, a pupil."  Christian discipleship is always in a constant state of growth and learning.  However, one term here strikes me.  They "followed" him.  That is truly what a Christian disciple is.  He/she is a follower of Jesus.  Wherever he goes, we go.  Whatever he does, we do.  Whatever he commands us to do, we do.  He is our unabashed leader. We follow him.

Are you a true "follower" of Jesus?  Is his life your life?  Is your heart totally submitted to his will?  Is there anything else in your life that you are following more than him?

When Jesus called his disciples, he simply said, "Follow me."  The essence of Christian discipleship is following Jesus, wherever he may take us.

Are you following him today?