Today's verse is Mark 6:2: "And on the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astonished, saying, 'Where did this man get these things?  What is the wisdom given to him?  How are such mighty works done by his hands?'" Jesus had returned to Nazareth, his hometown.  On the Sabbath, in the synagogue, he began to teach.  The people who listened to him, many of whom who had known him since childhood, were amazed at what he taught and the miracles he could perform.

I'm struck by in this verse by the genuine humanity of Jesus.  Until he began his public ministry, evidently, his deity was so hidden that even his closest companions since childhood couldn't recognize him as fully God!

Basic Christian teaching says that Jesus is fully God and fully man, at the same time.  He must be fully human to live the righteous, perfect life we could never live, taking our place on the cross.  He must also be fully God so that the price is paid by the offended party, the one who created us.  Both are necessary for the plan of salvation to work.

There's another element of Jesus being fully human I'd like for all of us to consider.  Being fully God and fully human, that means there is nothing we nothing through which we go that he doesn't understand.  He was tempted as we are, at every point, without sin.  But he remained faithful in his obedience to the Father, unlike us.  He was despised, rejected and betrayed, just as we are. He knew the pressures of every day life.  He knew the responsibilities of caring for others. He faced death, just as we do.

The humanity of Jesus, the Incarnation, God in human flesh, is a wondrous doctrine!

Believe it today!  If you believe it, it should comfort you throughout the day, no matter what you may face.