Here's another hint on how to recharge your marriage: Do the small things you did when you first fell in love.  Do you remember them?  Most likely, you were very sensitive to the other person.  You loved to do the smallest act of kindness to let him/her know of your love and affection. Then, as time goes by, you fall into the doldrums of every day life.  You become weighed down with life.  You forget those small things that made the difference in the beginning.

Do you remember those things?  For me, it was a phone call in the middle of the day to say, "I'm thinking of you."  It's a scribbled note that simply says, "I love you."  It's an occasional gift, flowers sent for no reason, opening the car door, a touch of the hand, a kiss on the cheek.

Remember the little things you did to woo your mate.  Now do them again…and again!

It will recharge your relationship.  I promise.