Let's spend several Moments of Hope this week on parenting tips.  I've personally raised three children and know the joys and challenges of parenting.  Here are some tips I've learned on parenting, especially today as we focus on teens. Someone once said that raising teenagers is a lot like nailing Jell-O to a tree.  Someone else once said that you should lock your 13 year old in a closet and not let them out until they are 19!

There's no question that raising teens is challenging.  But it can be done and one well: Just remember: They are still humans.  They feel everything you feel, just on steroids! Their bodies are rapidly changing.  They are trying to figure out this new world they are living in.

Therefore, they need you now more than they'll ever need you.  Make sure you spend regular, weekly time with them.  They need an adult to help them navigate all these changes.  You may think they don't want you in their lives but they really do.

Parenting teens doesn't have to be awful.  Love them in their change!  It can be very meaningful to them…and you!