We’re playing a little bit of catch up on the Bible Reading Schedule this week. Today, we’re going to look at Psalm 11 –14 – a look into justice and God’s unfailing promises.

In Psalm 11, we see that our faith comes from our belief that God is overseeing everything closely. Like it says in verse 4, “examining everyone on earth." God hates violence and loves justice. So our faith is rooted in God’s sovereign control over it all.

What does sovereign mean? It means that God is above all others in character, importance, excellence and authority.

God’s sovereignty is emphasized again in Psalm 12:6, “ The Lord’s promises are pure like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven time over.” Do you feel like you’ve been placed in the fire over and over again – being refined like silver? If so, remember His promise to you...you will not stay there forever. Know that He will rescue and protect us. He always honors His children. You are His child.

In Psalm 13, David asks three times “How long?” David feels like he has been mistreated and to him, God seems silent. But David responds by saying in verse 5, “But I trust in your unfailing love.”

God’s unfailing love is where we need to turn when we’ve been hurt by something or someone. David says” God has been so good to me.”

Friends, don’t dwell on your bad situation. Dwell instead on God’s unfailing love and His great goodness to you through all your years.

Want to read a powerful Biblical statement about the true condition of our hearts? Psalm 14:1 “ The fool says in his heart there is no God.”

We have all turned from God. No one does good. Jesus gives us a new heart, a desire to seek and serve the One who created us by grace. Want to hear the good news in Psalm 14?

Verse 7, “God RESCUES his people. God RESTORES his people. Then we REJOICE in his constant mercy and grace to us all.” Go God!

AuthorCasey Shannon