Let's spend some time over the next several days focusing on leadership. If anyone is following you, whether in the work place or little ones following you at home, you are a leader. Here's a leadership principle and truth that is absolutely true: it's easier to get in than out. It's much easier to start something, get it going and even try to sustain it than stopping it. Once something gets going, it gains some degree of popularity and interest.  Then, no matter how you may try to spin it, it will cause some degree of distress when you try to stop it.

Therefore, think long and hard before you begin something.  If you think it may not last forever, give it a time period and deadline.  Make it very clear to everyone it won't last forever.  Even then, when you stop it, it will cause some consternation.

It's always easier to get in than out.  It's a leadership principle all leaders need to acknowledge and practice!