You're aware, aren't you, that the major reason marriages break up today is because of this one, single word: DEBT!  It is a major marriage wrecker!  My uncle once said to me, "David, when debt and money problems enter a marriage, love flies right out the window." After almost three decades of dealing with marital issues, I agree with my uncle.  Debt kills marriages.

Therefore, in your marriage, do everything you can to crush the debt monster in your marriage.  There are many resources out there that can help you.  I don't care which one you use, just use one!  Begin to eat away at your debt.  It becomes a god in your life.  You can't do anything until you ask the debt god for permission to do it!

You can't begin to appreciate the freedom you will feel when the debt god is killed.  Plus, your marriages will begin to heal and you can enjoy each other like never before.