Today's verse is Mark 8:26: "And he sent him to his home, saying, 'Do not even enter the village.'" Jesus had healed the blind man.  His life was forever changed.  Then Jesus instructed him not to go back to the village and tell anyone what had just happened.  Why did Jesus do this?

Throughout Mark's Gospel Jesus tells people not to reveal his identity after major healings and/or deliverances from demons.  Most certainly, the answer has to do with how the Roman authorities would have responded to an extremely popular preacher who suggested the kingdom of God had arrived through his life.  Roman authorities would not have tolerated such a situation and would have immediately tried to suppress the movement.  In the Roman authority structure, there was no room for a potential king to Caesar.  Undoubtedly, the Romans would have incarcerated Jesus immediately and perhaps even had him killed.

Jesus was trying to minimize the excitement of his miracles and teaching. That's why he demanded secrecy throughout the Gospel of Mark (1:34,44;3:11,12; 5:43; 7:36; 8:29-30; 9:9,26,30).  Bottom line: over and over again he demanded people to be silent about his true identity because his time had not yet come.  He knew there is a perfect time for everything in God's economy.  The Father's time for his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection had not yet come.

There is a time and season for everything under heaven.  God has an appointed time for everything in his creation.

If this is true, you can trust the Father today for whatever you are  needing and/or waiting.  If God's faith economy is fixed, there is nothing, no matter how hard we try to change it, that can hurry the Father's plan.  He knows perfectly when something needs to happen.  He has it in his plans.  He teaches us to wait patiently on his time, purpose and season.

Jesus may ask us to go home and not tell anyone about something.  He may direct our paths in a direction we don't understand.  He may force us to wait for something we really want.  But, as we wait, believe that he is trustworthy.  Know that he is worthy of our praise.

Why?  Because there is a perfect time for everything in God's economy.