Someone once said, "A frightened captain makes a frightened crew."  Whoever said this had great insight into leadership.  If a coach is filled with fear, so will the team.  If a leader has great fear, so will his followers. A great leader is someone who can stand at the helm of the ship amidst the storm and remain calm.  He or she may feel some fear or anxiety within, but no one can see it.  No follower can tell it.  The inside may feel ill at ease, but the outside is stoic and in control.

Great leaders know that fear is infectious.  It can permeate a team or an organization quickly.  Fear goes viral immediately.  Therefore, great leaders know how to present a front of total control and a placid personality.  They know the reality of difficult circumstances. But they know their followers need only see leadership confidence.

A frightened captain makes a frightened crew.  But great leaders refuse to let anyone know they are frightened.  The stakes are too high.