Today's verses is Mark 10:9: "What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate." When Jesus was asked by the Pharisees if divorce was to be hard or easy, he took them to Genesis 2:24, the definitive verse in the Bible regarding God's original intent for marriage.  He said divorce was never God's original intent but caused by the hardness of human hearts.

In quoting this verse, Jesus was saying God's original intent for marriage was one man, one woman in a committed, heterosexual, monogamous, permanent relationship.  A man and a woman each leave their parents, cleave to one another (public vows) and then become one flesh, the sexual term, the way God desires all love and commitment in a permanent covenant relationship to be sealed.

Then, in verse 9, Jesus gives the way to divorce-proof all marriages.  What is it?  Let God be the one who joins you together.  When God joins a man and a woman together, they can't ever be separated.

More specifically, what does this mean?  God is Spirit.  Therefore, God wants to enjoin a couple spiritually.  That means that when a man and a woman practice a spiritual life together: prayer, worship, Bible reading, serving together, doing missions together, for the glory of God, they are joined spiritually.  The spiritual cement that seals their marriage can never, ever, be separated by flesh and blood humans.

Interestingly, secular institutions have done studies on how to keep marriages together.  Guess what they've found?  Mark 10:9 to be true!  Couples that practice a spiritual life together have much few incidents of divorce.  It's in the one out of thousands range!  These studies have simply proved the old adage, "Couples that pray together stay together."

Do you want your marriage to be divorce-proofed?  Then come to a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.  Make covenant vows in marriage with someone who has that same relationship.  Then practice spiritual disciplines together, regularly, for God's glory.  Over time, your lives become one.  Your hearts are melted together.  They are sealed in God's permanent, spiritual cement.

My Mom and Dad did.  Their marriage was in their 63rd year when Mom went to be with Jesus.  My wife and I are now over three decades.  If we live that long, we'll go over six decades too.  We are certain of it.

Why?  Because we believe in and practice Mark 10:9: "What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate."

It's the key for how to divorce-proof your marriage.