Here are some tips to make your day a better day.  I hope they help! 1. See today through the eyes of a child.  Start to experience the wonder of grass, the sun, leaves and wind.  Feel the wonder of nature, creation and life!  Breathe in and out, over and over again, realizing that every breath is a gift from God.

2. Eat slower.  Don't rush through your meals.  Take each bite of food with a sense of wonder.  Think about how amazing it is to have teeth that chew, saliva glands to break down the food, a stomach, a digestive system!  Savor each bite of food.  Think how amazing it is to have a need and God to provide an answer to that need!

3. Don't answer the telephone when you're doing something else, especially if that "something else" is something you are enjoying.  You really don't have to answer.  If it's really important, they will leave a voice mail.  That’s why voice mail was invented!  Believe me: most supposedly "urgent" things can wait a few minutes.

I hope these ideas make your day a better day in which to enjoy life to the fullest.