For you who are single, let me give you this advice as you hunger and wait to find the right person in marriage: instead of trying to find the right person, become the right person! It's a piece of marriage advice my Dad gave me long ago as I was waiting for the right person in my life.  Here it is again: "Son," he said, "instead of trying to find the right person, work hard to become the right person."

As I waited, I disciplined my body with exercise.  I disciplined my eating with a good diet.  I disciplined my mind with reading and study.  I disciplined my thought life to think only on things that are good and honorable.  I disciplined my prayer life to depend solely on God for everything in my life.  I disciplined my relationships, surrounding myself only with people who edify and encourage.  Similarly, I eliminated those in my life who were dream killers.

I had to wait for my wife for almost eight years.  But when we finally met, I was ready for her in every way: mind, body, spirit, attitude and relationships.

I hope my Dad's advice helps you singles today!