Let's spend some time this week learning how to be more positive and optimistic. Learning positive thinking is essential to success in life.  How to do it? Here's a great tip I learned years ago: avoid all negative self-talk.  Refuse to listen to that voice within that starts reminding you of past failures and mistakes that cause depression. Even King David in the Bible, in one of his psalms, spoke to his soul, his heart, his mind: "Why are you so downcast, oh my soul, you put your hope in God!"  He knew how easily someone can become downcast with all the negative surrounding him.  He commanded that his inner life put its faith in God…who is good…who works all together for good for those following him.

There is a conversation occurring in our minds.  It's incessant.  You're either speaking life or death to your souls.  Today, avoid all negative self-talk.  Don't listen to those degrading voices.  Command all negative within you, like King David, to put your hope in God!

Then listen intently and carefully to those voices fading in the background.