Today's verse is Mark 10:37: "And they said to him, 'Grant us to sit, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your glory.'" After hearing Jesus say he was going to Jerusalem where he would face certain death, James and John, two brothers in his inner circle, conclude that now is when Jesus will be "in your glory."  Now is the time when he will establish his Messianic kingdom on earth.  It will be a kingdom of military power and control.  Therefore, since they were in his inner circle and since they probably were second cousins, they made a bold request.  They most likely thought this would be their last opportunity to put in this request for future assignments in his great, glorious, Messianic kingdom.

For what did they ask?  They asked to sit on his left and right hands when he would rule in Jerusalem on David's throne.  Jesus would be king.  They acknowledged it. There was no question in their minds about that fact.  However, they asked for the two next best positions of power and influence for themselves.  They wanted to secure the next best places of honor for themselves.

Why are you following Jesus?  Is it for what he will give to you?  Is it to use him to get what you want?

The wrong motivation for following Jesus is to use him for our own desires for glory and power.  Jesus did not call us to make us into superstars.  He called us to make us servants.  Jesus is not Lord so he can serve us.  He is Lord so we can serve him.

Baruch was the scribe who wrote down everything Jeremiah prophesied.  Jeremiah may well have been looking for Baruch to be his successor.  He could have been a "prophet in training."

In Jeremiah 45:5, Jeremiah looks at Baruch and speaks powerful words to him.  "Do you seek great things for yourself?" he asked.  "Seek them not."  A prophet of God is not called to seek great things for himself.

James and John were seeking great things for themselves.  It is the wrong motivation for following Jesus.