Nothing is more painful than rejection.  It's an acid rain on your soul.  Few of us escape its pain.  Therefore, here are some tips I've learned through the years to help us all deal with rejection: 1. Remember that rejection is God's protection.  If you trust God, rejection is protecting you from future evil.  Give thanks for that person rejecting you!

2. Remember that rejection is wrong direction.  If you have faith, believe you were heading in the wrong direction and God used this to put you on the right track.

3. Remember that rejection is just perception.  You may feel rejected by a person that doesn't mean you're a reject!  You're still a unique person created in God's image.  That belief is what's most important.

4. Remember that rejection means no more dejection.  Rejection signals a new chapter in your life.  Therefore, there's no more need for dejection!  Move on.  There's still a lot of life left for you.

A few simple suggestions for handling rejection…when it happens to us!