Today's verses are Mark 10:10,11: "Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!  Hosanna in the highest!  And he entered Jerusalem and went into the temple.  And when he had looked around at everything, as it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the twelve.'" As Jesus finished his triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the first day of the Passover on Sunday, the people continued to cry out, "Hosanna in the highest!"  The term means, "Save!"  Or, "Save us!"

They believed Jesus to be the Messiah.  But they were convinced he was a political and military liberator.  He was to free them from Roman oppression.  That's why they accompanied their "Hosannas" with the cry, "Blessed is the coming of the kingdom of our father, David."  They saw Messiah, and Jesus as the Messiah, as one in the lineage and likeness of king David, their greatest military conqueror.

Interestingly, after entering Jerusalem, it was late and Jesus went into the temple.  He "looked around at everything."  He studied all that was in the temple, all that was going on in the temple, not as a pilgrim but as the sovereign Lord who, according to Malachi 3:1, will "suddenly come to his temple."

He carefully examined all the Jewish traditions and customs.  He closely studied all the religious life occurring in God's special house.

I'm convinced he was trying to see if the temple was operating as God intended.  Was it truly the central place where people were experiencing the true worship of the living God of the universe?  Moreover, was it a house of prayer for all the nations, as Isaiah (Isaiah 56:7) had said it should be?

I don't think Jesus found the temple to be as God intended, as we're about to see in some upcoming verses (Mark 11:15-17), when Jesus cleansed the temple.  It was not operating as God intended.

My question for all of us today is simply this: If Jesus carefully and assiduously examined our lives, are they what he intended them to be?

God created our bodies to be the temple of God and his Holy Spirit.  He created them to be holy shrines of living worship to our God.  He wants our bodies to be places of prayer for all the nations on the earth.

Again, if Jesus "looked around at everything" in your life, would he be pleased?  Would he find you operating as he created you to be?

If not, perhaps we, like the literal temple, also need a cleansing?