Someone once said, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, over and over again, but always with the same person." How true this statement is!  Feelings in a marriage come and go.  They ebb and flow with life change and different circumstances.  There are and will be days in marriage when you feel as much love for your partner as you did when you first met him/her.  There will be other days when the feeling of love has waned.

When these days come, remember all the wonderful times you've had together. Remember the support you've received from your mate when you were hanging on by a thread.  Remember the unmerited love that your spouse gave you, especially when you know you were an absolute jerk!

As you do, fall in love again.  Believe me, you'll have to over and over again over your years of a successful marriage.  Just always make a commitment this renewed commitment will always be with the same person!