This week I'm trying to give you some tips on how to make your life more meaningful. We've looked at two so far.  The first was to free your heart from hate.  The second was to free your mind from worry. Today's simple but profound message is this one: live more simply.  Live more simply!  The truth is we don't possess our possessions, they possess us.  Once we own them, we must oversee them.  We must maintain them.  We must guard them.  Oftentimes, it takes more energy to make sure our possessions are in order.

What's the antidote?  Live more simply.  Purchase fewer possessions.  Use the money you have to travel more, have fun with your family and friends.  Use your money to purchase special memories rather than things.  Or give more money to those in need.  Instead of purchasing more things you don't need, give your money so others may simply live.  That way you're investing in a life, the most special possession on this planet!

Live more simply.  Don't let possessions own you.  Buy memories, not more things.  Help others with what you have.  It expands your heart of love.

And that's what's most important in life, isn't it?