This week I've been trying to give you simple but profound tips on how to make life more meaningful.  Here's what I've suggested thus far: 1. Free your heart from hate

2. Free your mind from worry

3. Live more simply

4. Give more

And here's my final tip for living a more meaningful life: expect less.  Expect less!  The major cause of depression for people today is unmet expectations.  We believe we deserve something, or something is going to be given to us and it doesn't happen.  Our hearts then crash to the floor.  We become depressed.

The major way with which to deal with unmet expectations is simple: expect less!  Enter each day being thankful for what you have.  Make a "thanksgiving" list.  Actually write out all the blessings you do have.  Refuse then to fret over what you don't have.  Refuse to spend one anxious moment over what hasn't come to you yet.  Simply rejoice over all you do have.

Then, when you do receive something for which you've been waiting, it's a surprise.  It's joyous!  You celebrate it.  But your life's meaning wasn't wrapped up in it.  You could have lived without it.  You're thankful it came.  But it's an "add-on," not a necessity.

You've learned to expect less…another key for living a more meaningful life.