Psalm 43 David is really struggling with people who are lying about him, sharing untruths about who he is.  He calls them “ungodly”, for they most certainly are. How does he deal with these malicious lies?  He does two things:

  1. He runs to God in whom alone are “light and your truth” (vs 3).  He asked God’s truth and light to lead him into God’s presence where he will find “the source of all my joy” (vs 4).  God alone is perfect truth.  He knows what is true and will deal with all lies.
  2. He talked to his soul (remember yesterday’s psalm?  He did the same thing).  He told his soul NOT to be downcast but to put his hope in God.  Since God alone holds all truth, we can praise him for the hope that one day we will be vindicated against all lies.

The other psalm today is Psalm 44.  David begins by recounting God’s mighty acts of salvation against Israel’s enemies. David reminds himself and all readers that “it was not their own strength that gave them victory.  It was by your mighty power that they succeeded, it was because you favored them and smiled on them” (vss 3,4).  I am reminded of the verse in John 15 where Jesus said to his disciples: “Apart from me you can do nothing.”

Evidently, the nation was going through a dark time.  Their enemies were mocking them, asking where was their God!  Yet David pleads with God to help them all.  “Wake up, O Lord!  Why do you sleep?  Get up!  Do not reject us forever” (vs 23).

So for all of us who feel like God is sovereignly silent  in our requests to him, especially when we feel persecuted, keep praying.  Keep asking God to “arise” and fight for us.  When we do so, we are in good company: King David!  Plus, by faith, our prayers DO move God’s hand.

Keep believing.  Keep praying.  Don’t give up.  If you are committed to him, God is on your side.  You have his favor.

AuthorCasey Shannon