Here is a list of how to pursue your spouse, as I referenced in this weekend's message at Forest Hill.

  • Each spouse must learn what it means in his/her personal relationship to be INTENTIONAL with their spouse – this might be simply to pay attention and look each other in the eyes. There are so many distractions for our time (cell phones are becoming one of the major barriers to conversation)
  • Selfishness is the root of the problem – the heart of sin is self-pleasing and the heart of marital distress is selfishness
  • Just listen – really seek to HEAR them – one of the ways that we most feel heard is when our spouse repeats back what they think we said
  • The way that we spend our time speaks to our spouse of their value, similar to how we are paid in a job speaks of our value
  • Everything comes back to symbolism – time, money, attention, etc.
  • Love your spouse more than your child – don’t become so involved with your children’s lives and activities that your spouse is left behind

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