Here is another parenting tip that has really helped me as I've raised three terrific kids: discipline them by teaching and correcting them rather than punishing them. Yes, this will take much more patience on the parent's part.  It's much easier, when seeing your kids do something wrong, to explode and punish them.  "That was really stupid," we yell.  Then we send them to their rooms, or to the corner.

Most kids are looking for ways to upset their parents.  Most kids disobey because of momentary selfishness.  They have temporary lapses, oftentimes caused by the simple foolishness bound up in their hearts.  If you can sit down with them and sternly, yet firmly, correct them and then use this as a teachable moment for the behavior you desire, you've taken a huge stride toward getting your child to where you want him or her to be.

Yes, it's harder.  Yes, it demands more patience.  Yes, it will take more energy…in the short term.  But in the long term, over time, it teaches obedience and right behavior.