In your marriages, or with your kids, or in all your relationships, here is a great truth I've learned.  Here it is. Life is like a bank account.  You will one day withdraw whatever you've deposited along the way.  Therefore, deposit wisely!

Every single day you live, with all your relationships, you are making deposits into the hearts of those people.  I'd strongly encourage you to make deposits of love, encouragement, faith, hope and blessings.  With your words and your actions, deposit positive, life-giving messages.

Why?  Because there will come a day, sooner or later, when you will need to withdraw some, if not all, of what you've deposited.  It may be because of an illness.  It may be because of a life disappointment.  It may be because of an unexpected occurrence.  But they do happen.  Rains and storms come to us all.

Therefore, to be ready for that day, make wonderful, positive, abundant deposits in the hearts of those closest to you, especially your spouse and kids.

Then, when you have to make a withdrawal, your account will be full!  And the withdrawal will not bust your life's bank account.