Psalm 47, verse 1 shows the most natural human response to being excited about something - clapping and shouting.  We do it regularly at a sporting event when our team is successful.  Here David exhorts ALL to clap and shout to God with joyful praise.  Shouldn’t we be even more excited about our love for God than our love for our favorite teams?  I often wonder what would happen to spiritual seekers if, when they enter our worship facilities, they saw followers of Jesus erupt in spontaneous praise and worship that included shouting, clapping in such great praise and joy it would be infectious! Then David continues in the next verses telling of the greatness of God: in creation, through his miracles, his faithfulness in the past.  Then in verse 6, FOUR times he says to “Sing praise” to our King.  Four times!

Enthusiastic, joyful praise must be exciting to God.  It must warm his heart when he sees his children very excited about who he is and all he has done for any earthly father would be with his children.  When we come home after a long day of work, which do we prefer?  An unenthusiastic, casual “Hi Dad”, or our kids running to us, jumping into our arms, yelling, screaming, clapping, shouting about how wonderful it is again to be in the presence of Dad?  I know the second is what I enjoy more!

So today, spend some time praising our great King.  Maybe you’ll even have a chance, somewhere, some place, to clap and shout with the voice of triumph!!!

AuthorCasey Shannon